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2019年3月29日 (金)

2020 Critical Psychology Conference in East Asia

  2020 Critical Psychology Conference in East Asia will be held on February 29th and March 1st, 2020 at Wako University in the City of Machida in Tokyo.

  The international critical psychology movement has been provoking changes in the psychological world since the turn of the 21st Century. Although it not as strong as in the UK, North Europe, South Africa, Canada, and Latin America, critical psychologists are carrying out important work here in East Asia. The principal aim of the 2020 Critical Psychology Conference in East Asia is to connect critical psychologists in this area and to connect them with critical psychologists with parts of the globe.

  So called ‘modern psychology’ has long history in East Asia. Western psychology was introduced into Japan from the late 19th Century, soon after Japan emerged from its period of isolation and set about building a modern state following the models of Western powers. Psychology was institutionalised as a new discipline in several Japanese universities by the early 20th Century. Japanese psychology stimulated the development of psychology elsewhere in East Asia, a manifestation of intellectual and ideological colonization as the Empire of Japan expanded its territory in the region. These are among the origins of psychology in East Asia.
  Since the latter half of the 20th Century, psychology in East Asia has developed, each country affecting the other, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Psychologists there share Buddhism, Confucianism, Chinese characters and other cultural-political factors as a background and moral tradition. Now psychology has developed both in academia and in various kinds of social sectors where psychological knowledge has been used for their purposes of treating their ‘objects’, people.

  Psychology in East Asia has problems such as psychologization and Americanization among others. Although critical psychologists in East Asia have been working to tackle these problems, they have not known each other well as yet. There are no networks of critical psychologists here, as exist in Europe, US and Latin America, to an extent, in Africa. By connecting ourselves, and connecting with critical psychologists in other area of the globe, we expect something great will be born.

  We hope to create a forum to facilitate exchanges among critical psychologists in East Asia and exchanges between them and critical psychologists around the world to make change in psychology and psychologized society in pursuit of the welfare of people and advancement of knowledge.


  February 29th & March 1st, 2020.

  Wako University in the City of Machida, Tokyo.
  (Address: 2160 Kanai-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 195-8585 JAPAN)


Conference process
2020CPCEA will be held in a single plenary session, without parallel sessions. Every conference participant will be strongly encouraged to attend every presentation and to share relevant thoughts, views and experiences in post-presentation discussions.


Submission of paper proposals
Please submit proposals for conference presentations by email as MS Word attachments, including the title, a 250-word abstract and brief biographical information, by October 1st 2019 to: Yasuhiro Igarashi (yigarashi@yamano.ac.jp) with 'Submission for 2020CPCEA' in the subject line.


Participation fee:
   Free, except for lunch expenses (TBA). The conference is supported by Wako University and Critical Psychology Colloquium of Japanese Psychological Association.


Language used for presentation:


Who should participate?
  Those interested in critical psychology specifically in East Asia but also from around the world as it connects with developments in East Asia, are welcomed. Not only psychologists, but also researchers and students in other disciplines and people who have an interest in critical psychology are warmly welcomed.
 We are sure new approaches and practices to tackle problems psychology suffers from and problems caused by psychology, will be made more visible from these close exchanges by the participants at the conference.

  Papers presented at the conference can be published in in the special issue of Annual Review of Critical Psychology devoted to the conference.

  Please contact the organize committee to know more about the conference.


Suggested readings on critical psychology in East Asia:

Bo Wang. (2013). Working at the Borders: Reconstructing the History of Chinese Psychology from the Perspective of Critical Psychology. Annual Review of Critical Psychology 10. (https://discourseunit.com/annual-review/10-2013/)

Fu Wai. (2013). Critical Psychology is not psychology: an essay from the perspective of an ancient Chinese philosopher Gongsun Longzi written by a so-called Hong Kong psychologist. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, vol. 10.  (https://discourseunit.com/annual-review/10-2013/)

Zhipeng Gao. (2013). The Emergence of Modern Psychology in China, 1876 – 1929. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, vol.10. (https://discourseunit.com/annual-review/10-2013/)

Yasuhiro Igarashi. (2006). Role of Critical Psychology in Japan: Protest Against Positivistic Psychology and Search for New Knowledge of the Mind. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, vol.5. (https://discourseunit.com/annual-review/5-2006/)

Yasuhiro Igarashi, Atsuko Aono, Tin Tin Htun, Satoshi Suzuki, & Hajime Tanabe. (2013). Critical Psychology in Japan: Voices for change. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, vol.10. (https://discourseunit.com/annual-review/10-2013/)


Conference organize committee:

  Yasuhiro Igarashi, Yamano College of Aesthetics, Japan. Chair.  (Email: yigarashi@yamano.ac.jp)

  Takehiko Ito, Wako University, Japan.  (Email: take@wako.ac.jp)

  Fu Wai, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong.  (Email: wfu@hksyu.edu)

  David Fryer, University of Queensland, Australia. (d.fryer@uq.edu.au)


The offcial website of 2020CPCEA is opened now.







2019年3月 7日 (木)








第1部 講演

今道 友昭(ニューヨーク市立大学・ラガーディアコミュニティーカレッジ) 「批判環境心理学の挑戦:その成果と課題」

第2部 話題提供
1.百合草 禎二(常葉大学名誉教授) 「エフ・イエ・バシリョク『体験の心理学:危機的状況の克服の分析』を読む」
2.五十嵐 靖博(山野美容芸術短期大学) 「原子力発電所事故の心理学<序説>:批判心理学,ディスコース分析と理論心理学からの取組み」
主催:(公社)日本心理学会 批判心理学研究会

所在地 : 〒108-0023 東京都港区芝浦3-3-6.


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